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Checking in …

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Hey Gang,

It’s been a rough two weeks. Work has picked up quite a bit plus finals at school. I haven’t been feeling well (typical pain not withstanding) and my ‘friend’ has been visiting. Because of feeling crappy I haven’t been to the Y lately, maybe I can get back there this weekend.

Doctor’s office called yesterday and they scheduled an MRI for tomorrow morning. Let’s hope they don’t find anything but then if they did maybe we could finally get whatever it is taken care of so I can get back to life.

What I have been noticing over the last few weeks is that I’m finding is hard to articulate and it’s worse than it usually is. Especially when I am speaking to someone. Yesterday, while speaking with a co-worker I had a hard time thinking of the most simple words. I’m hoping that it’s just due to my being over tired.

Weight wise things really haven’t changed. So I am at a standstill. I did miss last week’s appointment with the nutritionist but am scheduled to see her on the 14th. I’m not being too careful with measuring things out so I’m guessing that it’s part of it. I am still tracking my food and I’m still around the 1500 calorie mark so I guess I have to try and drop that a little. I’m still doing well with my water/sugar free ice tea, drinking at least 80 ounces throughout the day.

That’s all for now. Time to get myself ready and out the door.

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