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Weekly Weigh In

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I really debated about posting today since I’ll be seeing the nutritionist on Wednesday but if I want to remain consistant I should stay on my schedule.

My birthday was last Thursday so I “cheated” a little here and there. I had no expectations when getting on the scale this morning. But I lost the pound that I had found last week so that is definately progress.

Things aren’t really any better on the pain side. Some days are really worse than others. Thursday was *the* worst since I came home from the hospital. Nothing I did worked. I ended up just laying around in bed and watching TV. Tonight wasn’t that great either. I spent half my class standing because the chair was just bothering me. They have those traditional school desks we had in high school. I hate those. I prefer the stand alone chair and desk rather than the one peice unit. You would think with the price of tuition they could afford to seat us like adults rather than children.

I haven’t been to the Y since Wednesday so I fully intend to go tomorrow after work … after I run to Wal-Mart on my way home – Yes, I really need to go <sigh>.

That’s really all for this week. Talk to y’all on Wednesday after my appointment. This time my mother won’t be with me! ;)

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