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I have decided that Monday and the day I see the nutritionist will be my official weigh in days.

Officially, I’ve gained 1 pound. I don’t know how it found me but it did <sigh>. However, I will not give up. I knew this was a bumpy ride going into this.

I’ve been at the calorie line all weekend and even today I really toed the line. I wonder if that time of the month is coming.

The weekend, pain wise, wasn’t great either. I did swim on Saturday morning but other than that I didn’t do anything strenuous. In fact, I was down right lazy.

I think I feel a lump in my left side and plan on bringing that up to the doctor when I see him again, which is in four weeks. I also cannot lay on my left side for any period of time. That kind of scares me. I just want to know what is going on with my insides. I’d love to swallow a micro camera and watch it’s journey. Well … maybe not all of it. <G>

I’m not really in a good mood tonight so I’ll keep it short. I just wanted to check in, grumpiness and all.

I might go read a sappy romance novel.

I do need to cheer up, it’s birthday week after all.

  • Weight at home: 241


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